Calixta s.r.o

We guarantee the quality of our products.


Quality guarantee!

The ingredients that make up our products are unique and inimitable. Our Calixta brand is created by dreams and desires. Buy from the manufacturer and get a 100% quality guarantee.


Production of cosmetic products of the best quality. And not just that. The production process is continually improving to deliver only the finest Calixta products.

Medajla kvality pafumu

Exclusive composition

Calixta soul is our customers. It depends on every opinion, feeling and dream. Every customer helps us to improve what we have started. Together, we create the new Slovak brand Calixta. Calixta is an exceptional brand for exceptional people..

Creativny team Calixta


Our TEAM Calixta s.r.o tries to inspire ideas and feelings into new and original Calixta products. As we form a new product, our skills are being developed. We are grateful for every suggestion through the facebook, twitter and instagram.

DMA damsky parfum Calixta

DNA from Calixta

Beauty, pride, feeling of freedom, lifestyle, rampancy, courage.

These are the right ingredients that make up our Calixta brand.